Well know for his 80 genera and 1200 species, Bamboo is everywhere : in America, Asia, Africa, Oceanian, also in Antartic !

The bamboo breaking strength is higher than high steel and also well know for his rapid growth cycle of three to five years with 75 feet a year. Any kinds of soil is good for bamboo : high-lander, mountain, jungle, hills and downs.

Bamboo is used for construction purpose, home furniture, and adornment. It is also edible for human and animal, natural barrier against erosion and slide soil. Farm bamboo is the best way to stop progressing desert and the best protection against river flood. In botanical medecine, bamboo is used for high silicium and vitamin A diet. In Vietnam, people uses bamboo for massage oil, alcohol, textile fiber and paper pulp. Unparalleled true grass and absolutly for sustainable development because bamboo never need fertilizer or pesticide.

Not only a tool or food, bamboo is an unique model and creative thinking for writer and all dreamer, for several asian culture.
For Tao philosopher and ancient wise old man it is symbol of altruism, familly, fertility. Bamboo is no doubt a gift from nature for human kind and wildlife. Bamboo blossom is still a myth and legend in so many tales, maybe a deep secret like is fruit well unknow.