The Lacquer use in our handicraft is from a resin of vietnamese tree. It give a sweet and light color to our lacquer.
Our dinnerware with this lacquer is very resistant against damage by water, acid, alkali or abrasion.
We extract the resin with a vietnamese traditional process only in summer and save it one year before using.

Our applied research centre exposed an unique process for a non-toxic lacquer in our dinnerware. Therefore our dinnerware is suitable for any cook and gourmet.

The Viet Nam Superintendence and Inspection Vinacontrol analyzed and tested our lacquer and did find any toxic ingredient, test #07G15ND2519. It confirms our main policy : customer's safety first. There is no dust glue in our lacquer thus you get the best color and harmony with your dish and bamboo.

It is also possible to get our lacquer for professionnel use, for further information please send us a message.